Also this week, it has been updated latest work! Certainly on this occasion, enjoy the essence of “Sagi Tama”.
Last step in March is, “SILENT ARTICULATION“.

Short Film 28min27sec HD 2015

Tokyo-Fukushima. Dream or Real? On the way of spiritual journey.
Can we have a trip together to share eternal story?
Can we stop the spiral of our reflection?
We gaze beyond a bit of the forest and the sea.
There are windy road, innocent rain, and dusk.
We just want to have dance, poem, and talk…

Director : Mitsuru Tamatsuka
Cinematography : Keisuke Sagiyama

Man with violin : Dai Matsuoka
Reading Man : Kouta Nagasawa
Writing Man : Naha Kanie
Mask Man : Mitsuru Tamatsuka

Music : Hidetake Yamakawa
Costume Design : Aya Tsukioka
Text : Naha Kanie

Camera Operator / Sound Recording : Akira Kawachi
Camera Operator / Sound Design / Film Editor : Keisuke Sagiyama

Special Thanks to : Akiko Chinen
Subtitles : Tara Rodman

© Copyright Sagi Tama All Rights Reserved.