Sagi Tama

Keisuke Sagiyama is Tokyo-based filmmaker as well as installation artist.

Mitsuru Tamatsuka is also unique multi-producer/director for Art & Stage as well as poet/dancer.

The two unusual artists met in Spring 2013. Soon, they started to create art films together, in the name of “Sagi Tama”. For all people, they want to communicate beyond the art world, collaborating various genre. Through their own style, their approach to the beauty parallels spiritual freestyle and Japanese aesthetic core. Sagi Tama is the art unit which never stops to explore luminous possibilities of culture.

Sagi Tama Event
2014: “Ongoing Film Festival 2014” at Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2013: “Ongoing Film Festival 2013” at Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2013: “REGENERATION (a second skin)” at Primo Piano LivinGallery, Italy