CV Mitsuru Tamatsuka

Mitsuru Tamatsuka

(Producer, Director, Choreographer, Poet, Artist)

born in Japan

2018: Producer for Five Modern Noh Plays “Lady Aoi” & “Yoroboshi” by Yukio Mishima
2017: Producer for Five Modern Noh Plays “Aya no Tuzumi” & “Sotoba Komachi” by Yukio Mishima
2016: Producer for Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” by Kawai Project
2014: Director for Poetry Installation with Kazuko Shiraishi
2011-2009: Chief of Planning Section at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
2009-2008: Producer for Theatre Productions of “Gorch Brothers” and “Studio Life”
2008-2007: Advertising Staff at Shiki Theatre Company
2007-2006: Producer at 1st Creative Division of Dentsu
2004-1996: Producer at Meiji-za Theatre

Sagi Tama Event
2014: “Ongoing Film Festival 2014”:Sagi&Tama at Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2013: “Ongoing Film Festival 2013”:Sagi&Tama at Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2013: “REGENERATION (a second skin)”:Sagi&Tama at Primo Piano LivinGallery, Italy

2012: Live Art “A Page of Madness of NJP” at The 8th Gallery

2015: Director / Performer for “JUSFC 40th Anniversary” Dance/Film Performance by Julian Barnett “HAFU WAY THERE | HAFU WAY HERE”
2007: “A Page Out of Order. M” at Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC
2007: “Snow Flakes” (in Shigeka Hanayagi’s En no Kai) at National Theatre, Tokyo

2012: “from Ueno to Paris”

2005: Short Film “firewater”

Career Highlights
Throughout much of my works, I focused on creative collaboration in traditional Japanese performing arts. In 2004, I decided to go to New York to study about international work of art because I wanted to continue to expand. My notable productions are involved with artists, including director Robert Allan Ackerman and Michel Marc Bouchard, actress Fujiko Yamamoto, Noh actor Kisho Umewaka, Japanese drummer Eitetsu Hayashi, and photographer Hiroshi Yoda. Works that I produced with these artists had a profound impact on artistic people beyond the world of Theatre. In 2005 I made my first film production “firewater” which I established international collaboration as a director as well as a producer in New York. This film was selected for 40th BAC International Film & Video Festival and 29th Asian American International Film Festival, etc.
After that, I also started to expand my work as an artist, from dance project to installation art. “A page out of order M” was a dance piece which I was involved as a Hanamichi Movement Coach. (Hanamich Movement is unique performance that main character in a play reveals his/her movement with huge emotion on a specific place on a runway in traditional Japanese theatre.) The director of this work went to Bessie Award.
On Jan/17th 2012, I published my first poetry “from Ueno to Paris” from SHICHIGATSUDO Co.,Ltd.
On Jul/20-21th 2012, I produced Live Art Installation to commemorate 80th Birthday of Nam June Paik in Tokyo. The art work was very fruitful so that it made me publish Photo-book to archive from SHICHIGATSUDO Co.,Ltd as well.
From 2013, I started to develop collaboration with Filmmaker Keisuke Sagiyama to establish dance short film variations as art unit “Sagi Tama”.
In 2015, I also have new web gallery “Tama Pro” to explore poetic license through my own performance art .

Tama Pro Site